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Apple picking time


Just in time for apple picking season, my local Patch published a guide to when is the best time to pick various types of apples.

  • MacIntosh: September 1 - October 25
  • Honeycrisp: Beginning of September to mid-September
  • Royal Gala: Beginning of September to late September
  • Golden Supreme: Beginning of September to mid-September
  • Cortland: Middle of September to mid-October
  • Jonagold: Middle of September to mid-October
  • Macouns: End of September to late October
  • Empire: Early October to late October
  • Red Delicious: End of September to late October
  • Mutsu: Beginning of October to late October
  • Fuji: Beginning of October to late October
  • Suncrisp: Mid-October to late October
  • Enterprise: Mid-October to Mid-November
  • Gold Rush: Mid-October to Mid-November

 Apple recipes to follow in the next few days.

Heart-shaped cake with regular cake pans — UPDATED

Want to make a heart-shaped cake but don't have heart-shaped cake pans? This would have been your grandmother's solution.





Just noticed that this is the second time this week that I posted how to make a heart-shaped cake using your existing cake pans.

Today's post was written some time last year and programmed to run today. And I completely forgot about it.

Oh, well. Just goes to show what a great idea I think this is.   ; )


Recipe via Something Swanky

Try powdered buttermilk

I prefer not to think about all the expired buttermilk I've poured down the drain.

Instead, let's talk about what I found in the baking section of my grocery store this weekend.

Cooking tip buttermilk

It's powdered buttermilk. And it worked perfectly in this Strawberry Buttermilk Cake.

I highly recommend both — the powdered buttermilk and the recipe.

Just remember to read the directions on the box. Instead of reconstituting the buttermilk, you're supposed to mix the powdered buttermilk in with your dry ingredients and the water with the wet ingredients.