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Retro Happy Hour: 3 cocktails using Scotch

Drinking Scotch is very trendy right now. Here are three Scotch cocktails to try at home. If you haven't already, that is.

Retro coctails

These cocktail recipes come from a Fleischmann's Mixer's Manual from around 1950.

Scotch Highball

1 jigger Scotch
Ice cubes
Fill highball glass with club soda. Many people prefer their Scotch Highball with plain water. 

Scotch Mist

1 jigger Scotch
Shake with finely shaved ice. Serve unstrained in Old Fashioned glass. Add twist of lemon peel. Can be served with short straws.


Scotch on the Rocks

1 jigger Scotch

Pour over ice cubes in Old Fashioned glass. Add twist of lemon peel.

 Click here for another retro cocktail recipe.

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