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Veg-all "pie plate salad" recipe from 1952

Don't come crying to me if your mother made you eat anything that looked like this -- my mother elevated gelatin-based foods to the pinnacle of grossness when she made head cheese. Go ahead, click that link if you dare. BLECH!

Veg-All recipe  ad


Here's a closeup of the Veg-All Pie Plate Salad:

Pie plate salad

Emily over at Retro Recipe Attempts made and actually ate this stuff, as did the person behind ireallylikefood. (They're much braver than I am.)

Click here to read about Emily's experience with the Veg-All pie plate salad.

And click here to read ireallylikefood's experiment.

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Jhan Knoble

I remember the dreaded Veg All can, the contents tasted just like the can no matter how the Mom tried to dress it up.

I have dear memories of my deceased Dad eating hog head cheese with hot sauce and crackers. I don't know what was worse, the look, the smell or the texture. A definite stomach twister. Excuse me while I go and wretch now, lol.

Paula Zargaj-Reynolds

Jhan, did your dad ever have head cheese made with blood? That was the worst of the worst!

Account Deleted

Nice recipe !! I like the dishes which are easy to cook and serve in less time and does't need any rocket nice for cooking. And that's the reason chicken wings are among my favorites.

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