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16 October 2013



Pretty steamy for 1933, I'd guess. Redbook venturing into 50 shades territory long before the craze.


It is just you. Bobbing For Apples is a decades old game with a tub of apples in water, and you cannot use your hands...just your mouth...to grab an apple, and win

Helen Jacka

You're wrong...Bobbing For Apples!!!

Hailey DesRosiers

Ummmmm, NO .... Not if you know your party games. This is what you call "BOBBING FOR APPLES" in which you try to catch the floating apple in your mouth without using your hands, Duh...


Hailey, I know she's bobbing for apples, there's just something about the illustration...

me that's who

Uh...how is bobbing for apples racy?


Guess you have to have a dirty mind.

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