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30 November 2011



Oh, yeah, there's a happy couple! The guy just looks like "whatever," but the girl looks either sad, totally stoned, or both. She also looks about 14! Then you read the quote and that "what you are going to be" part makes it extra creepy--at least to me. She's also way too pretty for him.

Keepsake: the perfect ring for your kidnapped child bride.

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Ya, I agree... the girl does look like she is contemplating a break up.

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WOW! It's really funny to see these ads, they look so old dated. Not a big fan of the rings, though there's one golden that's pretty cute.

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the Canadiens, Flyers, Lightning, and Canuck logos are engraved to show the postseason road to glory. Also there is the B's playoff slogan, "Full 60+ to History," which was in the dressing room during the playoffs.

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