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11 July 2011


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Aww! The kittens remind me of 2 of my cats. This is adorable! Vintage pet food ads are hard to find. People weren't as obsessed with their pets as much as they are now.


Beautiful picture. I love cats so much, had them all my life - AND I'm old enough to remember those big cans of Puss n' Boots, standing on the kitchen counter with tin foil on the open top. Even back then, the cats we had were super-fussy, and many a smelly can of cat food went into the trash after being snubbed. Now there are a million different kinds of cat food - and they're STILL fussy! Can't win.

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Wish that they would have used a different picture it just looks so strange that the mom cat is carrying her young. I know that they do this and I have seen it many times, but I think that it is a little strange on the picture.


i heard that cats can'tsurivive ona vegan diet, but dogs can. so i'm for feeding dogs vegan diet,. i'm notsure about t his though so i would definetly research it more.'

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