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09 May 2011


Kerrie-ann Bernard

Peter Tork left The Monkees around 1968, perhaps this was made after that?

William Cary

The Monkees' television show remained on the air through 1971 in Saturday morning reruns. Peter had left the group by buying out his contract for $160K which left him free but penniless. Mike remained in the still touring trio through 1970 when these commercials for daytime television were shot. As soon as he could do so without having to buy his contract, he left the duo of Mickey and Davy. They then released the last contractual obligation album for the Monkees for Colgems. Mickey joked at the time if one of them left the remaining member could tour as "The Monkee".

Go onto YouTube and search for other Monkees commercials from Nerf toys to Kellogg's Corn Flakes to Yardley perfumes. Mike generally looks listless in any commercial which is why the ads heavily feature Mickey and Davy.


Interesting timing! My 11-year-old son and I have been watching a lot of Looney Tunes lately and the other day I explained to him how Big Time Rush, the band and the show, reminded me a lot of The Monkees.

Cool find!


I am pretty sure I had a Monkees lunchbox one year and we all thought Davey was sooooo cuuuute. :(

Jerome Magajes

I think it's from ABC, NBC or CBS???

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