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17 November 2010



Hell, yeah! You don't want to give your baby beer all the time. Too damn expensive and there won't be any left for breakfast.


YIKES! Just,... YIKES!!

Loved the beer for breakfast response. So true, so true.


9/20/2012: Mothers today (without really knowing it) are breeding a sub-culture of children who are overly protected and medicated healthwise from "general" germ conditions mainly for the reason that they cant afford to miss time from their work. Children need to build a resistance otherwise they will develop a poor immune system. As a child I remember my mother giving me 7-UP when I was sick, for me it was the best part about being sick, and as a mother, I gave 7-UP to all 5 of my children beore they could even walk. None of them ever developed rotting teeth, pimple faces or ADHD. In fact now as an after thought, they are all college graduates with children of their own, who also give 7-up to their children. I think the scare here is "EXCESS". Excess of ANYTHING will undoubtly cause anyone's health to take a turn for the worse. OH.... P.S.: I DO NOT WORK FOR 7-UP, OR OWN THEIR STOCK !!!!!!


When my sisters and I were kids we used to pretend that 7-up was champagne... ahh good times...

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