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01 July 2010


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Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver

Alka-Seltzer was just taking advantage of the fact that, at this point in the Sixties, Americans were being taught to mistrust all of their own bodily functions, and that fresh tasty food was hurting them; Science was positioned as your only friend. Advertisers told families to flee the city for a gadget-filled suburban kitchen stockpiled with processed food and, in the driveway, a Detroit gas-guzzler for that long commute. It's no wonder I grew up in a house that was full of Tang, but no oranges for me to eat.

Fan Boy

This print ad, and the accompanying animated TV commercial, were created by the unhappy and gifted cartoonist Wally Wood, who, sadly, passed away in 1981. Wally Wood drew EVERYTHING: Mad Magazine, The Spirit, Superman, Captain Action, Prince Valiant, Daredevil, Doctor Doom, the Teen Titans, Flash Gordon, some of those Mars Attacks trading cards, and a filthy, filthy poster of Disney characters misbehaving in such a way as to get everybody involved in its publication sued.

Paula Zargaj-Reynolds

Hey, Beav, did you get scurvy?

Paula Zargaj-Reynolds

Fan Boy, seriously? This is the illustrator who did the Disney orgy picture? I think the Internet was invented just so that picture could be shared with the world.

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