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10 June 2010


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Stacy Disarrayed

I totally had that pink jewelry box at the very top!

And oh, how I loooove vintage jewelry! I have a little collection :)


I had a ballerina jewelery box, too, when I was like seven, but it looks like those are being marketed as a gift for grown women! I would like to think the man is saying to the woman, "oh, look honey, won't those make a great gift for our daughter?" but somehow I don't think that's where they were going with that.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Very nice designs. Very intricately done. Really a work of art. Every piece is a beautiful creation which is unique and elegant

Stars Clothing

You have very nice vintage items i love that tan & blue jewelry box.

designer engagement rings

We were just doing a bit of research for some of new 1950s and 60s clothing we'll be posting on etsy soon and ran across a great resource from Wishbook on flickr: the 1955 Spiegel Christmas Catalog. We found tons of gorgeous mid-century vintage clothes (want them all!), but found some interesting surprises including a lamp that's in our living room (lamp 3).

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