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25 December 2009


Cactus Wren

THANK YOU. I have had so much trouble convincing people that there really was such an entity as Growing Up Skipper!

KV Creative Designs

I came across your blog while I was researching an Vintage Doll by Sears. I was wondering if your Sears catalogs had a “Ken” type doll named Craig? I have an old ACTIVE CRAIG SET that doesn’t have a year. It is still on it’s cardboard and looks like it is from the 70s or 80s. It doesn’t say Mattel only Sears on the back.

If there is any info you have that would be great. Please email me at:


Thank you for your time,


It's amazing how Barbie has achieved to keep her fame over the years and also continue being one of the first options in kids's christmas wish list.

Sheffield, the vintage fashionista

The Barbie fashion review was so interesting. Like a snap shot of the expectations of a woman's life. I love seeing all these vintage ads. It reminder me how much progress we have made. Thank you for sharing.

Furniture Stores Glendale

Wow! Barbie had a lot more than I thought she did!

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