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27 February 2009


Cactus Wren

In some corner of my consciousness, that's what Nestle Quik is SUPPOSED to look like and any other label design is wrong.

Jack Clarke

Some of those don't really look so much different than packaging we see now. Of course the Nestle is enclosed in plastic today.

Laura Linger

Am I the only person here who gets a craving for Chef Boyardee pizza? We used to make it when we were kids and it has a flavor unlike any other pizza I can think of. I really get a craving for the stuff. Maybe I will make it for supper tonight.


The Chef Boyardee pizza sauce tasted so much better than the Kraft pizza sauce.

wrapping machine

Wow... we've gone a long way since then! The Nestle can is amazing. Great post.


Would love to photograph those packages. Are you interested in renting them for a photosession?

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