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22 January 2009


Cactus Wren

Oh, but they'd NEVER market such a product in a way that would appeal to children, would they?


Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer!

Now called 'white trash champaign' and very popular at red neck gatherings.

Paula Zargaj-Reynolds

Exactly the reason it's also very popular with college students.

Cheap Jordan shoes

Where is mother, where is the most happy place.

Nike Shox For Cheap

Someone reported the sign to Starbucks after walking into Boulders Coffee Lounge, thinking it was part of the Seattle-based chain.

armani pull

I remember the first time I bought black nail polish (like 6 years ago when it started to be hot), and was wearing it (to start is slowely) on my toes. I loved it, but my friends, OMG they must have been so not fashion aware… cause they all called me a cothic :(

These days I would go for navy instead of black. But that doesn’t mean black isn’t good. I still love it!

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