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21 January 2009



Oh, WOW! Those NFL shirts bring back REALLY VIVID memories that I didn't know I had. I was seven, and the football shirts in the Sears catalog seemed more awesome than awesome could be! Amazing.

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I love the Winnie the pooh collections so cute.


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... The plaid toughskins kids look like 1970's pimps. Like they woke up and just tailored their sheets for clothes.

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Seeing those kids in cartoon character clothes and other collectible clothes makes me feel good. They look so cute in their wear. Even though this one is very old, it's just like now in the 21st century, we used to dress our kids with those cartoon characters.

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Lovely costumes! A treasure to keep the photos for years to come when they are oh so much bigger!!!!! :)

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Thank you for all the advice and words of motivation. This entire experience is far.

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