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24 September 2008



Brilliant ads, as always!

There's an award for you on Kitchen Retro, BTW!

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The johnny walker advertise was incredible.

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Women have morepatience and surely are more dependable then men emotionally.

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Anyways.. good lesson here, I guess. It's been a tough past year, times when I've questioned certain bands that are praised a lot because of things that I shouldn't and don't want to talk about.

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I like this one: The executive on the way up needs a car that won't let her down. Women are very emancipated nowadays.


I don't understand that feminism thing... So they want to be like not dependant on men or what?

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I don't understand!

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Great article! I hate that so many people think they have to rely on others for taste, or that great decorating costs large amounts of money.

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