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16 September 2008



votre blog est fantastique, et je me suis permis de vous ajouter dans ma liste de liens.
A bientôt...:)



On top of hating the sentiment, I can't stand the name. I read "Sardo" and think "Lardo". Who wants to smear lard on themselves?


I think the sentiment is beautiful and echos the truest form of love and committment that husbands and wives were meant to have for each other..If more wives were this committed to their husbands there would be many more happy homes.


Had a big teenage (girl) crush on Veronica Hamel when she was in Hill St Blues. Then, in around 1983, I watched her (and only watched because of her) in some godawful Beyond the Valley of The Dolls TVM nonsense. She played a gay model in Paris who chatted up the blonde bint-star whilst they were sitting outside in one of those stereotypical Montmartre street cafes. I remember how, in reply to the positive response she getting to her come-on hints, she ran her fingers up and down the stem of a claret glass whilst smiling seductively at her conquest - and echoed " Oh yes...why not?!"

Ooh, Got to take a shower. BRB.


You just keep telling yourself that, Beth. BTW, how's the weather there in Stepford?

zyliss cheese grater

Interesting post and I really like your take on the issue. I now have a clear idea on what this matter is all about. Thank you so much.

Janne marrie

If more wives were this committed to their husbands there would be many more happy homes.

Paula Zargaj-Reynolds

Janne Marrie, don't you think men have to be just as committed if a marriage is to be a success?

David degroot

Veronica Hamel..ahhhh!! who cares what shes selling? I'd smear it all over myself "Sardo" Lardo, or play doe. If I thought it would lead me home to her at the
end of the day. I would be in line for my jar! Hell, give me a vat!!!



In the early sixties I worked in a factory where I was exposed to powders that dried my skin and caused me to have an odor on my body that was unpleasant. I tried several bath oils until I discovered Sardo. Not only did it improve my skin condition, but the fragrance was very special. Although the above ad recommends Sardo for women, it was a hit with me. I wish it were still available.

Olivia Alexander

I don't give a damn about the ad copy. The only thing I care about is finding the original formulation for Sardo. This product needs to be brought back into the commercial marketplace because it completely altered the texture of skin and its effects were not transitory; that is, the skin remained altered for up to a week. There is a possibility that fungal and bacterial non-healing lesions could be discouraged from getting started in the first place for the elderly and for diabetics. Someone out there knows how to reincarnate this product, but they're not talking. Too much money to be made from all the trash, including prescription drugs, that don't work! Come on Merck -- cough it up or bring it back. You've got the patent.


From the posts this was a product around for decades and it seemed to work well.
Isn't it a shame that the copy from one commercial judged out of its time and aimed at a different generation is held up as the castigation of this very successful product.

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