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20 June 2008


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Thanks for the info! I also have a large article bank for info on estate jewelry.

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I love Hamilton! I have 2 old diamond 14kt hamiltons at home that just are the world to me

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Some history i found,The Howard Company went through several changes of corporate name and ownership, but the signature on the watches never changed. Edward Howard retired from the business in 1882 and died in 1904. In 1903, watch production ceased, and the Howard watch name was sold to the Keystone Watch Case Company of Philadelphia, who also purchased the U. S. Watch Company of Waltham, Massachusetts, to manufacture under the Howard name. Howard watches were manufactured until 1930, when the company fell prey, like so many others, to the depression.
The first Howard watches not actually finished from material left over from the Boston Watch Company were based on Reed's innovative 1857 patent that described not only his new safety barrel, but also the broad outlines of the divided plate movement design.


Does anyone else think the guy in the 1919 ad look like he's reading a text message off his cell phone?

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ya, they are really clasic. When I see these ads I rememmer my early age. Thanks for reminding me.

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These classic adds look nice.I would love to wear those vintage watches.

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I love Hamilton! I have 2 old diamond 14kt hamiltons at home that just are the world to me. These classic adds look nice.I would love to wear those vintage watches.

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I enjoy Hamilton! We have 2 old diamond 14kt hamiltons in the home that just will be the world in my experience. These classic adds look nice.I might want to wear those vintage watches.

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Really neat ads. I love nostalgic pieces like this. I would personally do some modern art with them.

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I would love to have the ads in my office. people today have lost the eye for cool vintage art like this!


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Buen artículo. Creo que se puede escribir más y más artículos de mejores. Tómatelo con calma por sí mismo.

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