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25 June 2008



there HAS to be more than that to the add. What the hell does it mean? looks like the guy is the one that needs a whack on the side of the head.


She set the meter to stamp out a non-refundable $12.46 postage.


I'm thinking he can't figure out how to use it & she won't teach him. Then again, my mind is 21st century woman.

tricia richner

Yeah, that's what I thought too. She's the only one that can get it to work and she won't show him! Ha. Love it.


This is not the full copy ad. In the original there is a text colum across the side with a story (like a lot of copy ads back in the day). The story is that Ms. Morrissey is not mechanically inclined and refuses to use the machine as it is too difficult for her to understand. Mr. Jones begs her to learn and use it as it is a modern time saver, and stated is she can't use it it will go back to the factory. In the end she states that since getting the machine she has so much time and can now catch up on the dirt in the ladies bathroom. To which Mr. Jones wonders if it is always illegal to kill a woman.


I just find it hilarious.

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