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02 April 2008


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I have not seen this particular ad with Donna Olsen for about 33 years but as I was working my way through puberty that impressionable shot of her in the pool was fixed in my mind. My mom had a magazine with this ad in it and I later found many of the other ads in her magazines but Donna here was something of a first.


Sadly, while I saw those ads in the 70's and ignored them, I think my bust had a mind of it's own. My boobs, grew-- and grew and grew some more. I never wanted such a "full bustline", but alas. I am a FULL 40 DD.


Oh, and the last time I would want a "fuller bustline" is in summer. i am just looking at them now and they are very big and very full, but VERY covered.

Nancy Lee

I actually used the Mark Eden bust developer in the late 60's and early 70's . and it worked for me. I was very pleased with my results. I wish I could find one now.

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