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04 January 2008


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This ad is obviously before the time of knowing too much sun causes skin cancer(deadly and some not so deadly)
So many more people today are satisfied with their original healthy skin color(porcelain, ivory, and yes even light beige)
My dad's best friend died of melanoma at age 29, leaving behind two small children.
Tanning beds which are more deadly than the natural sun should be avoided at all cost. These people are charging to kill you just like the cigarette people.
Love your skin as it is. Pamper and protect it at all cost. If you're a fair complexion don't try to become olive....It won't happen and even if you do achieve a darker complexion it's only temporary and it comes with cost to your health.
Self tanners is the way to go. These too are temporary without the hazards to your health.
Keep in mind that while you're young you never think of wrinkles, but once you hit 30+ you start thinking of them and trying to avoid them, however your skin is like a filing cabinet with each and every sunburn bringing out the results in deep early wrinkles.
Love yourself, love your skin, and take your vitamins every day

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