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26 December 2007


Cookie Driscoll

Wow, do I ever love the styles shown here, expecially the second pattern with the red striping! That's from an era when women were actually slim enough to wear clothing like this. What are the chances of finding the actual patterns?


If you're looking for vintage sewing patterns, eBay is a great resource.

You can also purchase vintage sewing patterns -- and see great vintage fashion illustrations -- at http://www.vintagefashionlibrary.com/index-dad.htm

Keep in mind that the sizes aren't the same as today, so you might end up needing a size that's twice(!) what you wear by today's sizing.


I'd kill for a dress made from 1163!

Jan Hewitt

I have made a 1940s suit and a 1950s dress it is possible to alter the patterns by cutting and adding astrip of paper to enlarge.

Paula Zargaj-Reynolds

The patterns from the 1950s and earlier do run awfully small, don't they? That's kept me from trying to use them. I'm very impressed that you took on the task, Jan!

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