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01 August 2007


Dustin Halstead

That's horrible! It looks like the sandwich is vomiting on itself. But then again, when has McDonalds cared much for food presentation.


Orthodox Jews wouldn't eat McDonald's burgers (or anything else) 'cause McD's doesn't use kosher meat.


You're right. My mistake.

And for the record, my misinformation did not come from Motel Hell; that site was simply the source of the image.

Brad Clooney

That actually looks better than they really do. I'd much rather eat that 40 year old sandwich than the current ones, I think.

e cig

I think it was nice of Mcdonald's to create a fish sandwich for catholics to enjoy on Fridays since they couldn't have meat. I hope they create a veggie burger soon for those who do not eat meat or fish.

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