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01 May 2007



Now that is just all kinds of messed up. The visual, the text, the whole thing. Jesus. I'm amazed someone actually published and printed that. If you replaced "girl" with some ethnic group there'd be riots.


This is exactly the type of advertising that would lead to domestic violence. It is pretty much like giving men permission to hurt women.

Frank H.

I think I saw him outside a Rand Paul rally the other day.

Paula Zargaj-Reynolds


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Does anyone know what the ad means when it says doll to doll carpet?


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The copy made me shake my head... then I saw the picture and exclaimed: Oh my god!!

Paula Zargaj-Reynolds

I know, right? Before I posted this, I did some research to be sure it was a real ad and not some joke. But it's real — and real disturbing!

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