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16 December 2006



Looking at it in the context of today's world, this ad is wrong on so many levels...


They must have "caught on" on some level, because Philip Morris had been marketing Marlboros to women since 1924. This ad appeared thirty years later (it's from 1955).


look at that baby's face. looks like an old man. isn't great that the advertisers have always given us such wonderful advice to make us so healthy and strong. and that just goes to show, they care about us first, and then , the money. in a parallel universe, that is.


Nothing says take a drag like a tearful baby with a leprachaun foiled hat,,

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I just can't seem to switch my brain off, and I do plenty to burn off my energy as well, I spend at least an hour a day working out, I run 1.5 miles a day and do 4-5hours working but still I can never get to sleep before 3-4AM even if I wake up at 8AM. My body feels exhausted but my brain just keeps on going, it's a curse.

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