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06 July 2014



Hi Paula,
I submit that the people who stick advertising in other people's faces - other people who gain little or nothing from it - not even free TV shows or infinitesimally lower prices - literally deserve to be incarcerated.

Support: Interrupting other people's natural thought processes and injecting messages into their conscious and unconscious minds without their permission and without obvious recompense is, in fact, stealing small portions of their life from them.

Your bothers and sisters on this planet have a finite time on earth and therefore a limited number of thoughts, daydreams and feelings to experience. The quality of that life is largely determined by the quality of said mental processes in solving personal and work problems, daydreams and educational improvement.

When unwanted messages designed to penetrate and interrupt those processes occur, they jam and destroy small segments of these life enhancing processes and are, in fact, stealing life time and life quality from everyone who comes in contact with them. When such messages become ubiquitous, as shown above, they steal very significant amounts of life experience from a huge number of people.

Like small parasitic insects, the messages only steal a little from everyone. But taken over an entire person's lifetime it becomes a significant percentage, and taken over millions of people being exposed to it, adds up to a crime on the par with serial killers and kidnapers.

At some point, either the culture will collapse from the constant and increasing exposure to the blizzard of unwanted aggressive noise dulling the senses and mental processes of the populace or perhaps a re-awakening to freedom of thought will occur and put the mental kidnappers in their place.

Food for thought? If not dismissed immediately, then I suggest mulling it over at a nice restaurant - one with the televisors blasting crap at you and see how effectively you can cogitate the issue.


PS: Brawndo, the Thirst Mutilator.

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