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12 July 2011


Ward Cleaver

Oh, please. What bathroom ever got cleaned because a woman wanted slow-roasted turkey? Make it a Cadbury chocolate bar, you got yourself one hell of a sexist ad.

Tom McMahon

Same reason it was funny for Rochester to get the better of his boss, Jack Benny, and not vice versa.

Paula Zargaj-Reynolds

But, Tom, in the interest of fairness, shouldn't it work both ways?


The more obvious issue with the ad is that it implies that relationships between adults are adversarial instead of co-operative - Men are to be placated, women are to find ways to "trick" them into doing what they want.

It's insulting to everyone involved.


"Give her slow-roasted turkey because the bathroom won't clean itself," it would be outrageously sexist.

It certainly would. The very idea of men being required to do the cooking and food preparation is sexist.


Watch TV advertisements aimed at women. There is a common theme of men being stupid, childish and incapable without a womans help and they're easily manipulated. I've got no point here... just an observation.


This is a pretty blasted sexist ad. I'm not kidding. Manipulating men is sexist, as is the notion that 'hard labor' like cleaning a garage is somehow a mans job. Bah. Why not 'give him slow roasted turkey because beans would make both of you gassy all night?' All right, not a winning marketing statement... but true >_>


No one even notices the concept that of the woman being in the traditional role of being the homemaker and making her husband a sandwich--of course so he does the manual labor of cleaning the garage.


So glad someone decided to comment on the fact that there's also a "make me a sandwich" sexist stereotype in this ad, too. I guess we're all so used to the idea that only women make sandwiches that we don't even notice it.

This ad should offend everyone. Manchildren who must be bribed with food to do a manjob. Ladies who make sandwiches as some sort of womanly wile. No.

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