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17 June 2011


The Hamburglar

I've never seen McDonald's food look more processed and unappetizing; do ad agencies still know how to film food so it looks yummy? I think they've forgotten how to sell food. They're too busy writing dialogue that make ups even chuckier.


Honestly: extruded pucks of chickenpulp being dipped into plastic tubs of flavored chemical goo.

Is this supposed to make me hungry? Not lovin' it.

Teary-eyed Native American

Look at the post-consumer waste in this commercial. It makes land even landfill-ier.


He's probably not a douchebag when he's not stoned. But something tells me he's always stoned.


Look at the post-consumer waste in this commercial. It makes land even landfill-ier.

The plastic molecule contains an enormous amount of carbon - as does paper - which becomes sequestered when buried in a landfill. So McD's is helping mother Gaia with her fever.

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