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01 June 2011


Eddie Haskell

Wait a minute, wait just a minute:

"...the small business customer is the star..."

THAT'S what this commercial is about? I've seen this slice of baloney a million times and I had no idea what it was trying to tell me.

Unless you attended the many meetings that undoubtedly preceded its filming, NOBODY could tell you what message this commercial is communicating.

I thought they were singing "our car wash works". I really did.

Paula Zargaj-Reynolds

You're awfully grumpy today, Eddie.

Eddie Haskell

No, watch it again. They're singing "our car wash works". I think.


Eveyone, customers and employees, look incredibly uncomfortable and awkward. I love the bank employees' forced smiles and looking like clapping requires genuine effort. It's like, we're here for you, but we'd rather not be.

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