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02 November 2010



I admit it. I'm old fashioned. I like land lines. No wait. I PREFER land lines. I can hear -- and more importantly -- BE HEARD -- better when I use them. I've always been flummoxed by "Kids Today" who don't have them ... a symptom, I thought, of their inability to commit, to set down roots, to be accountable to a phone and all the old people who call them on it ... like potential employers or grandparents, and now apparently, pollsters.

I see now that maybe cell phone users, no matter what age, actually command more accountability -- answering only caller id's they recognize, knowing you called even if you don't leave a voice mail, selectively prioritizing their callers, answering only when they want to or have to. In short, they know what you're up to.

Here's hoping they all answer the call today and VOTE.


We're not that young (hubby and I are both pushing 40)- reasonably well educated - not Democrats or left-leaning Independents - and we haven't had a land line in about 2 years. We even have 4 kids. Be careful about making these types of assumptions when thinking about advertising.

Paula Zargaj-Reynolds

I said "generally."

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