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07 October 2009



Please note real woman do not look like this! This genuinely shocked me...


I can't believe someone actually made this, and then someone else actually approved this, and then another person actually printed this. Why wasn't this stopped??



this is soo funny, its like playboy erasing the bellybutton.. every advertising moron wouldnt aprove this crap..


Some women do look like this, and some women do look larger than this. Women come in all different shapes and sizes. Accept it. Saying "real women do not look like this" is a lie. It's no fault of mine for having the more saught after body. Stop making me feel like there is something wrong with me for being naturally skinny. Stop calling me a b**ch, because as a child I chose to run around and play sports rather than sit around playing with dolls. I do not have an eating disorder, and I am extremely healthy. Instead of picking on me for being skinny, try accepting yourself. I've never made fun of anyone for being larger. However, I can attest to watching, and being the victim of bullying by larger girls, picking on me for being "too skinny", and being informed to "eat a sandwhich". Even though I'd already eaten 10. This is a severe case of displaced aggression.


Women do not look like that. 
Women can be bone thin, muscular, plump, or some other body type and shape, but there are certain things that remain constant. As in, unless you are a mutant, the space between your eyes is the same size as one of your eyes. Unless you are genetically a freak, your eyes are in the middle of your head (they don't look it, buy they are. Or should be.)
Similarly, your head cannot be larger than your waist and pelvis. Have you heard about corsets? Yes, they could compress your internal organs enough to make that possible. Key word? Compress. It wasn't natural. Women suffered broken ribs, burst internal organs, and a host of other problems because of corsets. 
Why? Because there wasn't enough space. Your organs need a certain amount of room, much like you do. 
Ergo, this is physically impossible. Plus, Ralph Lauren admitted it. 

Also, you aren't skinny because you exercise. I mean, that's a factor in why you stay skinny, but your genetic material and body type are the main factors. If what you say is true, then you have an ectomorph body. That's fine. But it's not because you exercise. If you had a meso- or endomorph body, you would be muscular instead of slim. 

For the record, I don't care what your body is. Frankly, it doesn't interest me. I do care though that your spreading the two twin lies of misinformation and the beauty myth;
This is physically possible.
If you exercised, you would look like this. 

It doesn't matter how much you diet or exercise. You cannot achieve this photoshopped ideal. It's not possible. 

Paula Zargaj-Reynolds

Well said, Morgan. Thank you for taking the time.



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