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22 May 2009



Beautiful. I once had a sleeper through the Canadian Rockies.


I would have absolutely no interest in taking a sleeper car again. Did it once, on the KTM (Malaysia) between KL and Singapore. One of my worst nights evah. Taking the train during the day is a different matter. Just don't expect me to sleep in those tiny little beds.


The trains from the west coast to Chicago circa 4 years ago are pretty modern, but the last time I traveled on Amtrak and had a bedroom the service stunk. The toilet was out of order in both the room and for several cars away. The one that worked smelled.

The trains from Chicago to Washington had better service but older trains. The inter-bedroom door between me and the bedroom next door tended to pop open as the latch was broken, which was interesting because the folks in the next room were on their honeymoon.

I strongly suggest you wait until the friends of Obama payoff money has been invested in new trains instead of advertising. If that ever happens.

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