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13 February 2009



What message is ARBY giving by the above Ad in which its big-sized burgers symbolize pair of ladies' voluptuous breasts? It is meant to say ARBY's soft, huge and mouth-watering burgers remind people of lady's breasts!Being an American Company with overseas franchise, you are promoting your product in a disgraceful and discriminatory manner which hurts woman's pride, dignity and honour.

The western world in particular USA always keeps promising to safeguard and protect women-world. How come such a filthy Ad is not dropped yet! Such kind of Ad sets indirect example of woman molestation. Govt body alongwith advocacy groups must come forward and take immediate action to stop making such ads!

Tough Mudder

Yeah right ! That's good idea for protecting women's right ! This is how they show their filthiness in their ads. If other woman didn't care about it. Then you guys had no reputation anymore. No right to care about the other woman's experiencing molestation. Take actions with this. Thanks.


I really agree with Suparna, it's true about the women in western USA. How could they protect the safeguards of the women if they don't even take some actions ? Think about it .. thanks for sharing !

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