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24 April 2008



Cute! I sent it on it's merry way.

Porta Potty Princess

This is the best!! I sent it to the entire office. Doodie Calls must be my personal favorite. www.diamondprovides.com

portable toilet

Great names - catchy, clever, memorable and to the point!


I'm the show secretary for our local horse shows and we always use "honey buckets" because we have to have portable toilets in Chicago fairgrounds. I love the Doodie Calls one best!

Darcy Webb

Ha ha, these were great! It makes me appreciate portable toilets in Chicago a lot more.


The Royal Can one was my favorite of the list. The other names were actually pretty clever. I think it is good when businesses come up with names like this. I will probably remember it after this. http://www.eaglehire.com/toilets.php

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