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My name is Paula Zargaj-Reynolds.

Zargaj is pronounced just the way it looks. But only in Slovenia. In the U.S., it's pronounced Zhar'-guy. Say it with me . . . Zhar'-guy . . . Zhar'-guy . . . Zhar'guy . . . Now, wasn't that easy?

When I was a little kid in Slovenia, the Communists ruled the airwaves. As far as I was concerned, the commercials were the only part of TV worth watching.

When I was about six, my family moved to the States. And while American TV shows were a mind-blowing marvel compared to what I was used to, I was just as amazed by the commercials.

My obsession with advertising was just beginning.

I’ve been copywriting for more than 25 years . . . On staff at all the major ad agencies in Boston . . . Freelancing for agencies all over the Northeast . . . I even married an advertising guy (although he left the business to create and teach art).

When I started this blog, it was for the purpose of driving prospective clients to my website and generating freelance business. Now it’s mostly a labor of love.

In case you haven’t noticed, I genuinely love this business.

You should also know that my opinions as expressed in this blog are my own.


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